Thursday, 17 November 2011


Just a quick one to say stocks are getting low and we won’t be replacing them until the new site is up and running….so if there’s something you’ve had your eye on grab it while you still can!

On a more musical note we’re loving Warpaint so much it hurts; this is our song of the minute, hour, day, week and probably month as it continues to get played to death!

Sunday, 30 October 2011


                                   Source                                                                                                      Source   
So the more eagle – eyed ones of you will have noticed that our Friday Favourite has forgotten some Fridays (it has a habit of doing this), a lot of things have been taken off the website too; reason being we're striping it right down to basics and concentrating on getting our new site designed, up & running.
That’s the reason we’ll be stopping the Friday Favourite for a while but we're not going to be totally absent; blogs will still be worming their way onto your screens and we’ll keep you updated with everything that’s going on.
The reason for the pictures is we’re having one of those inspirational days when you think you can end famine after seeing an inspiring quote or picture….ok so cheese on toast but it works!
And check out the '40 Day Dream' below...I've stumbled across this far too late for my liking!

Saturday, 22 October 2011



Two things I love travel and fashion…so all hail Missoni for bringing us the fashionable traveller!
I am a huge print junkie, I love everything boho, tribal, aztec…well pretty much anything that clashes, so you can imagine my excitement after seeing these pictures.

‘Go globe trotting..Seventies style’.

LOVE, LOVE..and did I say LOVE? 
And who said you couldn’t wear high heels on a beach?

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Another Friday Favourite on a day that isn’t Friday..who wants to buy me a calendar?
I am definitely going to get better at this…I am aware I say this every week but the truth is …I lie.

This weeks Friday favourite is….’ The Travel Junkie Necklace’.
An oversized turquoise stone pendant on a burnt silver chain…an aztec beauty!
Hung on a 26” chain.

Pick yours up now with 20% off until Friday 21/10/11.
All you need to do is add the code FRIDAYFAVOURITE in the ‘optional code’ box at checkout and it will automatically deduct the 20%. Whilst stocks last.

Expect a midweek post thats actually posted midweek about the fashionable traveller…

Anyway what’s everyone got planned for this Saturday night?…I think it’s going to be a night in on this end…involving a whole load of pizza demolition.
Goodbye healthy eating….helllloooo pepperoni….

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Check us out…midweek post!
So we’re still working on getting our new website up and running (thanks in advance to the monopoly man for paying for it), but it probably won’t be ready for a few months yet; hopefully the finished product will be more professional and easier to navigate aaaand with more products.

Also I should have done this a while ago but I’m taking a trip back in time to give credit to those who helped get BB off the ground.
The stunning Chloe Lloyd who modelled our range and has since been snapped up by MOT Models & the beautiful and talented photographer Sally May Lewis; who brought all the products to life and styled the shoot.
So a big thank you is in order for these two adept individuals for the effort that went into this project.

You can check Chloe Lloyd and Sally May Lewis by clicking on the links.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Must. Blog. More…. About cultural and topical issues; at the moment it seems to be one Friday favourite after another…and to top it off this weeks Friday favourite is on a Sunday..
Someone’s taking the biscuit!

I know, I know it’s been a weird week; seems to fly by but at the same time drags?
Glad to see the weathers back to normal..Grey, windy, rainy and COLD; but on the plus side its time to unearth the cotton and is it just me or is anyone else feeling Christmassy?

This weeks Friday favourite is…. The Navajo Facet Ring.
Antique silver facet cut tribal ring, a purple gemstone surrounded by intricate detail.
Pick yours up now with 20% off.

So as of NOW there’s twenty percent off until next Friday 14/10/11 …
All you need to do is add the code FRIDAYFAVOURITE in the ‘optional code’ box at checkout and it will automatically deduct the 20%. Whilst stocks last.

Wait….is that snow?

Friday, 30 September 2011


Drum roll for another Friday Favourite… and boy what a Friday, it is HOT!
You’ve got to love the British weather… doesn’t bother sticking to any conventions.

This weeks Friday favourite is…. The Antique Goa Elephant Ring.
A unique antiquarian piece which is sure to make a lot of heads turn.
Love, love and did we mention … love?
Pick yours up now with 20% off.

So as of NOW there’s twenty percent off until next Friday 07/10/11 …
All you need to do is add the code FRIDAYFAVOURITE in the ‘optional code’ box at checkout and it will automatically deduct the 20%. Whilst stocks last.

Now I’m off out in the sunshine….where’s my sombrero?

Thursday, 29 September 2011


Is it just me or are Bedouin Soundclash one of the most under-rated bands out there?
Mention the name and the majority of people’s first thought is ‘When the Night feels my Song’, which seems to be the only memory of them to most people.

The first time I listened to the whole of ‘Sounding A Mosaic’, it left me wondering why I’d never thought to listen to it earlier; its extremely rare to find a 15 track album (give or take a remix or two) where every song deliver’s something so different from the last.
Jay Malinowski has such a unique voice which sings lyrics ranging from money worries to criminals to San Pedro.
The style of music is described as Reggae which all things considering could have gone horribly wrong subject to the loose stereotype we have of reggae singers, but in reality the opposite has happened and this band for years has been creating a sound which was and still is completely unique.
The new album ‘Light The Horizon’ has set the bar even higher and If you do one thing this week… give it a listen.

Also, we’ve had a lot of lovely Bloggers who have featured us these past two weeks or so I just wanted to take the time to say we appreciate it and all the positive feedback we’ve had.

Here’s one from the new album.
Early morning blogging….Rock ’N’ Roll.

Friday, 23 September 2011


                                                                       Well these Friday’s are coming thick & fast; time for another Friday favourite!
And this week we have even more choice seeing as we’ve added another SEVENTY items (just incase you didn’t get the memo), so a bunch of new earrings, rings, headbands, clips, flowers and even a necklace or two have been thrown (ahem…lovingly inputted) onto the site.

We have 10-15 delicate headbands which will hit the store sometime in the near future and then a large range of necklaces further down the line..BUT of course you guys will be the first to know….via pigeon, snail mail or this thing they call the internet.

So getting back on track this weeks Friday favourite is…. The St Helier Rhinestone Bow Ring.
A beautiful rhinestone bow ring; each bow has a central rhinestone bordered with smaller versions, this is truly a show stopper and you can pick yours up now with 20% off.
Comes in two colours; black crystal and clear crystal and the code is valid with both.
So as of NOW there’s twenty percent off until next Friday 30/09/11 …
All you need to do is add the code FRIDAYFAVOURITE in the ‘optional code’ box at checkout and it will automatically deduct the 20%. Whilst stocks last.

And a final call out…we’re still the newbie’s so we’d appreciate if you could all pass the BB message on; tell your friends, tell your mother and by all means tell your sister’s friends pet badger. (We don’t ask for much).
Aaaaaaaanyway…have a good weekend…THANKS BYE!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


           ‘A Child of the Jago’                                                                                ‘House of Holland

So it would be a bit like avoiding the elephant in the room if we didn’t blog about London Fashion Week right? Well it’s the last day today and we’re sorry to say we haven’t been to any of it, guess we’ll have to stick to Manchester fashion week for now!
Anna Wintour commented that the collections this year were ‘Sterling’ and that ‘the focus in London is always on creativity’, which is true, the designers always seem to find ways to create unique styles which also translate to the commercial market, (which must be one of the hard parts).

One of my favourite collections was ‘A Child Of The Jago’. The designers are Simon Barnzley Armitage and Joseph Corre whose self quoted signatures are “Swag jackets based on the local gamblers of Clerkenwell in the 1800s. Mack the Knife suits and silk patch T-shirts.” And the good news is that this season they aim to launch some womenswear.
Another is the House of Holland SS/2012 Collection; bold, bright clashing colours with a lot of print based designs make me want it to be next summer already.

Anyway there’s so much I could write about that this could turn into a novel so I better stop now, hope everyone who got a chance to go enjoyed themselves (but not too much).  
I’ve got my card ready in hand for when everything hits the high street.
HAVE to put this one in the diary for next year.


Friday, 16 September 2011


Well hello hello…what seems to have happened here? Its Friday again! We seemed to have completely absconded (thanks from the blogosphere this week. FAIL WHALE.

Anyway as its Friday we’ve picked our favourite; this week it’s the Portobello Coral Leaf Headband.
A delicate pink coral leaf headband made from thin lace, each section of leaves has a single rhinestone lovingly placed within the centre.Ties together with gold elastic and can be worn as a headband or as a bandeau.

So as of NOW there’s twenty percent off until next Friday 23/09/11 …
All you need to do is add the code FRIDAYFAVOURITE in the ‘optional code’ box at checkout and it will automatically deduct the 20%. Whilst stocks last.

We promise we’ll be better bloggers next week… so expect a Wednesday feature coming to a computer near you, as for now …it’s Friday…what’s everyone doing let us know! We’re celebrating a friend’s birthday. Lets. Get. Merry …(we’ve already got our Friday pants on) oh the shame.

Sunday, 11 September 2011


So we’ve rubbed our little brain cells together and decided to do a ‘Friday Favourite’ every week as a blog feature. Basically each Friday we pick our favourite product and add 20% off for that week only.
Beautiful isn’t it.
Now we’re aware that our first Friday Favourite is…well...on a Sunday but hey, that’s just how we kick it…(aaaand we totally forgot to do it Friday).

So this week our favourite product is…… the Afrikaans Tribal Shield Ring!
Antique silver tribal ring with a charcoal & white centre, bordered with swirl detail….A miniature shield on our fingers! An adjustable ring band means one size fits all…what more could a girl want?
So starting today there’s twenty percent off until Friday 16/09/11.
All you need to do is add the code FRIDAYFAVOURITE in the ‘optional code’ box at checkout and it will automatically deduct the 20%. Code expires at midday on Friday 16th.

So what are you waiting for? Our first Friday favourite…

Whilst stocks last.That is all.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


After thousands of cups of coffee, endless days and sleepless nights of researching, finding the best material from around the world, designing and creating…the countdown can begin!
Our new range of (mostly handmade) headbands, Garlands, Hair flowers, fascinators and clips is up on the site with more entering your lives SOON!

More rings, necklaces, earrings and arm cuffs will be hitting the store hard, aaaaaaaand (as if that wasn’t enough) a bridal section or as we like to call it…the high society section!

EEEEK! Its time to do the happy dance…..or at least get in our starting positions.
Add us on twitter and facebook to make sure you keep fully updated!

- p.s (extra points to those who noticed I have a degree in photoshop?)

Monday, 5 September 2011


Today’s post is art centered… (Don’t say this blog isn’t cultured).

Above is a handful of my favourite banksy’s; his graffiti has an irreverent humour and provides a critical commentary of political and social issues which are generally accepted or ignored by the general population.
A lot of general respect comes for the artist for his anonymity; that even though pieces of wall with his work on sell for huge amounts, he doesn’t do tailor requested art for anyone, hasn’t cashed in on gimmicks, doesn’t unveil himself to claim the fame but continues doing his work with the same principles as when he started.…(well that and he’s probably wanted on several charges.)

I know there are mixed reviews in this area.
In my opinion one of the eminent things about street art is its accessibility; it isn’t  hung within 4 brick walls but set on the outside where the audiences are much wider.
Street art also has an element of tragedy to it, street art (due to its infringement in that grey area of the law) has a very short life span, many pieces are never seen or seen by only a few before they are removed and the majority are never captured on any record; which gives those pieces a feeling of exclusivity.
I’m sure many people would disagree and see graffiti as nothing more than that, but there’s a reason why a telephone box sawn in half is sold for half a million dollars…..or is the art world just crazy?

Answers on a postcard…

Friday, 2 September 2011



So instead of keeping this hidden fashion gem a secret I thought I’d share it with everyone (generous, I know). This had got to be my favourite boutique at the minute never have I actually wanted everything from one designer. I stumbled across ‘Never Fully Dressed’ on Asos Marketplace and my bank manager has been unhappy ever since.

Here are two favourites from the range;

..and the brands tagline is ‘you’re never fully dressed without a smile’…very philosophical.
AND they do everything in every colour which is very dangerous territory, prices are very reasonable and the few items that cost that bit more….well I like to think of them as an investment……in myself.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


…..In the wise words of John Legend; “Almost there….almost there” Bethel Bohemian has officially launched! 
I say officially our .com site is a working progress and we’ve barely started on the (which will eventually be our main site) and which is soon to be put into the hands of our capable web designer!
We’ve also only launched a small portion of our overall range as we’re still waiting for our main batch of product photographs to be handed over from our photographer.
Hmmm anyway…. we just couldn’t wait, but it does mean you can expect lots more beautiful items coming VERY soon!

Seeing as we’ve just launched and are very much the new kids on the block we’re feeling a little lonely it only takes one glance at our facebook following (or lack of) to bring a tear to our eyes.
So please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, read our blog and raid our site…basically please violate our presence on the world wide web.
Anyway it’s one of my jobs to keep this blog updated and it sure is going to be a test of my social networking skills; which lack any principle of organisation and can be haphazard at the best of times!

We thought we’d use this blog to keep everyone updated on products, sales, promotions, interesting events and anything Bethel Bohemian related, BUT here at BB we do like to converse so will also hand out our opinion (asked for or not) on music, fashion and things we love (travelling being a personal favourite).

Now I know this is some bedtime reading but guess I got carried away…what with it being our first blog and all! Thought I’d leave you with this song which is an old favourite……(inspired!)

John Mayer - Say